Daring Raccoon - iPhone/iPod



-PLAY 60 stages !!
-BUILD your own stages & share them !!
-DOWNLOAD shared stage !!

**NEW TYPE of Twitter Integrated Game !!!! 
-Make NEW twitter FRIENDS by posting your feedback and stage!
-Hear feedbacks from iPONPOKO-Twitter users worldwide.
-Not twitter user ?, No problem to enjoy this game fully, 
You can build and download stage WITHOUT Twitter Account. 

**Exciting 60 Stages, need Your FAST fingers , SHARP eyes and SMART brain.

.Easy to Play 
.Jump, run, rise, eat and FLY 
.50 thrilling stages to play.
.Accurate Control Pad (supports 8 directions) and one BIG Jump button.
.Post a tweet after finish every stage. 

<Intro: Coon is about to go back home planet to rescue his parents. He is the last hope. >

.Build Your Stage with ease.
.Share stages you built with friends.
.Can play your own stages.
.Post your stages to Twitter.
."Smart Stage Compression" makes a stage into a Tweet with your message.
.Can build EASY stages for your kids.

<Custom stage for his girl friends.>

.Download stages uploaded by other players.
.Without twitter ID, You can download stages.
.Twitter OAuth support (secured connection)
.Fun stages will be listed in Hot Stages section.
.Can enjoy others stage. Endless FUN!!


**To post feedback and Stage, You need your Twitter Account. That makes you enjoy this App  more!!


Daring Raccoon - Hard Stages :<

Daring Raccoon - Easy Stages


Daring Raccoon Custom Stage and Twitter

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